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"Heartberry Gatherers" Acrylic On Canvas. 5 x 7’ | Original Painting

"Heartberry Gatherers" Acrylic On Canvas. 5 x 7’ | Original Painting

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This image tells the story about the Heart berry Gatherers. This berry represents the heart and is a part of every ceremony and celebration in Anishinaabe culture.

 Acrylic on canvas. 5' x 7’ 

The women bring their children to gather strawberries, a time of sharing, a time of renewal, celebrating the berry and also the closeness of family & sisterhood. Women, sisters, mothers, aunts, grand mothers with children in tow gather together. Sharing teachings, close connections and love for one another. To gather is at the heart of our culture, to be close and to share our lives together. These things are essential to our own strength, our family’s strength, and to the strength of our community. The sweet berry that Anishinaabe people call Ode’imin, means the heart berry.





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