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"Sunset" 22x22”

"Sunset" 22x22”

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The Star Blanket is a cultural representation of the gifting of the buffalo robe. This is a gift that is given to honour a person for a significant achievement or event. For example, a graduation, a marriage, a birth, and also, a passing of a loved one.

The “Sunset” star blanket is painted with the colours of the sunset: Blue, Violet, Pink, Orange, Yellow and White. This represents our adults and our Elders. The older members of our community. They provide the experience and knowledge. They are gifted with foresight and knowledgeable of histories. It is their responsibility to care and protect our babies, our children and our youth. It is also their responsibility to support and encourage the vision and determination of our young people to direct and shape their futures.

Please note, prints do not come framed.

 -Fine Art Print



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