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"Wounded Warrior Woman"- Fine Art Limited Edition Print

"Wounded Warrior Woman"- Fine Art Limited Edition Print

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“Wounded Warrior Woman”  


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 This image is my response to the famous sculpture “End of the Trail.” This image, however, tells a different story, her story. It is of a warrior woman and her children, traveling on a horse. This is not the end of the road for this woman, though it is a challenging time on her journey of motherhood. You see, this woman has two young children that she has to care for. She cannot give up, or give in, which she may have had a choice had they not been there. But, it is because of them she has an undying strength, and enduring love which moves her to continue on.

Giving up is not an option for her. Her road continues as long as she breathes. For it is the love that continues, so she continues, one step after the other. This is not her fate, this is a moment of struggle on the journey of motherhood, and it honours the absolute love that a mother has for her children. This image also honours the imperfection of motherhood. Just as we are encouraged to be strong, we are also naturally supposed to have weakness and vulnerability, and learning lessons along the journey. It is also in these challenging times that we find some of the most beautiful moments, we can find new direction, we can learn about ourselves and we can discover unconditional love for ourselves as mothers.


Limited Edition of 100 

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